Micromanage or macro-manage your cheap e juice habit however well you please

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You can neither micromanage nor macro-manage your current smoking habit. Let us tell you why. Currently, many of you are still smoking traditionally, that is to say, you are smoking white-papered cigarettes which cover commercially produced tobacco that carries a high content of addictive nicotine and poisonous chemicals. The filters that are designed to improve the cigarette’s taste and enhance the smoking experience, something that it largely fails to do, are also poisonous.

Also, your guilt can never assuage you to kick the habit that you have become accustomed to for so many years, not even the bold warning labels and frightening images that have replaced the previously enticing labels, can dissuade you. You are just so addicted. Also, because of this addictive habit, you can’t even manage your finances properly. Potentially, you’re placing your finances in a precarious position in the future because while there is no cure for lung disease, you will still have to endure very high medical costs to at least soften the blows.

But cheap e juice helps to soften these blows in more ways than one. Firstly, there is the exponential cost benefit. The name said it all already. Work out the costs you are likely to spend over a year against what you’ve been spending on cigarettes in the past and you’ll be astounded at the big difference. Health-wise, there are potential benefits too. This would, of course, have to depend on the individual’s current health status.

Do yourself a favor and have your lungs checked out. In the meantime, you will be encouraged to read that established e cigarette smokers have testified that they have been able to drastically curb their smoking habits or give it up altogether.