How to Make GTA 5 Money

GTA 5 has a huge online following that has actually gotten larger since the first few months after its release, an unprecedented feet. All this popularity has made GTA 5 money pretty precious. In fact, 1 dollar in GTA (based on how much it costs to buy online in U.S. currency) is roughly the same amount as a Vietnamese dollar (the Dong). So if you’ve got 500 GTA 5 dollars, you nearly have 500 Dong. Fun facts aside, many people have been looking into the best/fastest ways to earn GTA 5 money.

GTA 5 money

Tip #1 Don’t do Heists

Heists are fun but pretty inefficient when it comes to earning. They are arguably one of the more enjoyable aspects of the game, but if you are trying to make money fast, it really isn’t the route to go with. The missions are too long and the earnings just aren’t high enough on a per hour to complete basis. It’s disappointing because you can see this was Rockstars intention with this gamemode and its payouts. Hopefully with the number of new additions and supposed changes coming we can see heists pay off like they should.

Tip #2 The Right “Job” Can be Pretty Good

Jobs are shorter missions with decent earnings. You need to look at what the jobs are offering and go for the ones that have a good time/earning ratio. Players will discover good jobs and “game” them over and over until Rockstar discovers it and tweaks the ratios yet again. Look up on forums for the latest job fad.

Tip #3 Multiplayer Matches are Probably the Best Way to Go

Usually, the latest match type to be released will offer the largest rewards. Updates and messages during loading screens will usually tell you what the match types giving you bonus payouts currently are. Play these, get good at ’em, and you’ll be earning with the best of them.